Chris Lanzon makes music for your feelings. From the lows to the highs, he tells stories that are intimate, personal and evocative. Through a string of releases since 2020, the Sydney-born singer, songwriter and producer has amassed over 15 million streams and an expanding following. Chris’s style will immediately draw you in with its fusion of warm vulnerability, sonic experimentation, and reflective lyricism.

The 22-year-old cut his teeth in the music industry in his early teens when he became a finalist in a TV music competition at 13, before going on to write, record & tour in a pop band from 14-17. Learning from the turbulence of these experiences at a tender age, Chris stepped back to connect with his roots, explore his sound and identity, and focus on creating music that felt true to him. This lead to the inception of his debut project in 2020 - Melancholy was released independently as an EP and short film. Without any editorial playlists or marketing support, Melancholy found its audience in an organic and meaningful way. In 2021, Chris released a second EP Far From Perfect which expanded his sound and introduced a multitude of new listeners to his world through the viral success of Iris, where Chris showcased his raw and emotional style, putting a unique spin on the familiar 90s classic.

2022 saw Chris open up his process to collaboration, co-producing his third project with Simon Lam, and heading to LA to write with artists he looks up to. With singles June and FUCK IT UP! he teased the forthcoming project, with the intention of to taking his sound to new heights and proving he’s here to stay.