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Chris Lanzon makes music for your feelings. From the lows to the highs, he tells stories that are intimate, personal and relatable. 
Through a string of releases since 2020, the Sydney-born singer, songwriter and producer has amassed 
over 20 million streams and an expanding following.  Chris’s style will immediately draw you in with its
fusion of warm vulnerability, sonic experimentation, and reflective lyricism.

The 23-year-old cut his teeth in the music industry in his early teens when he became a finalist in a TV music competition, then went on to write, 
record & tour in a nationally successful pop band - all before the age of 18. These whirlwind experiences taught Chris a lot about the industry 
and pushed him to develop skills as a writer and performer. In 2018 Chris stepped back from the industry to take stock, explore his sound and identity, 
and focus on creating music that felt true to him. He has documented this journey of self-discovery through three EPs released from 2020-2023.

Chris’s solo music has captivated a wide audience online, connecting with people worldwide who relate to his songs and stories. 
When he’s not working on his own songs, he loves to share his raw and emotional style through familiar songs, such as 2021’s viral ‘Iris’ cover.

Following a monumental year in 2022, Chris returned with the highly anticipated third EP, 'Dark Side,' a deeply personal body of work 
that explores the duality of the human condition. The release saw accolades from the likes of iheartradio, NME, Euphoria magazine, BBC Radio 1 
and many more, highlighting the impact of the deeply vulnerable subject matter via the brilliance of his craftsmanship as a writer and producer.